Computer Service

Computer Service

  • Update Windows and relevant applications
  • Firewall and Anti-virus Configuration
  • Remove Viruses and other Malware
  • Check Internet and Network Settings
  • Start-up and Registry Tune-up
  • Disk Drive Maintenance
  • Advise on Security and Performance

It is important to keep your computer maintained to maximum performance and to safeguard against security threats. This not only protects you from theft and identity fraud but also removes unwanted malware and safeguards against viruses.

By using the correct settings on Windows and other programs you can optimise your computer to its full potential. As time goes by computers get slower; this is not actually caused by hardware wearing out but due to the operating system (Windows) getting fragmented.

If your old computer is running slow and you are still running the same programs, you do not need to buy a new computer or upgrade. You just need some maintenance.

By using regular maintenance you can get the best out of your computer. I offer this at very competitive rates.

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